10 ways to give back during the holiday season

Christmas is often a time of year associated with giving and receiving gifts. With this hustle and bustle of buying the perfect gift, wrapping it and placing it under the Christmas tree, we seem to forget what Christmas is all about. Giving is a very important part of the Christmas season and as teenegers we often forget how big of an impact we can have during the holiday season. Here are 10 ways you can give back to the community (and maybe knockout community service hours, too):

1. Angel Tree

Whether you decide you want to volunteer for Angel Tree or you want to choose an Angel to support this Christmas, you would be giving back to the community in more ways than one. By choosing an Angel you could help make an area child’s Christmas dreams come true.


2. Union Gospel Mission

Over the holiday break you can volunteer at the Union Gospel Mission and help feed the homeless.

3. Christmas stockings

Grab a few friends and some Christmas stockings, fill them up with holiday treats and drive around town handing them out to the homeless or your local church.

4. Go through your closet and donate old clothes to a local nonprofit

If you have any clothes in the back of your closet that you don’t wear anymore or are too small, there are many people that would love to have them. You can find a local nonprofit to donate them to, such as Goodwill or a your local Church.

5. Bake Christmas goodies for neighbors

There is no better way to make someone’s day than by bringing them freshly baked Christmas cookies!

6. Host a Christmas party – Secret Santa

A great way to spread Christmas spirit is to host a Christmas party. A Secret Santa exchange helps put a smile on your guest’s faces and helps spread the Christmas spirit.

7. Pay it forward

When the weather outside is frightful, go treat yourself to a warm drink from Starbucks. When you get up to the window pay for the people behind you, commonly known as, “Paying it forward.” I guarantee it will make their day.


8. Make a donation to for an international cause

Find an organization for a cause that you feel strongly about and donate money to them in honor of one of your friends or family members and give it to them as a Christmas gift.

Some great organizations are:

  1. Water.org
  2. Heifer International

9. The Salvation Army – Red Kettle

Everyone knows it’s Christmas time when you see red buckets and hear bells ringing outside the mall and grocery stores. Most of the time people pass without giving a thought to it. Next time you see a Salvation Army Red Kettle, put a few dollars in there and be a part of a great cause.

10. The Tarrant Area Food Bank

The holiday season is a great time to run a canned food drive and collect food that you can donate to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

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