2014 Student Council Elections


Leadership in the lower school…today was THE day to elect the officers that would take the helm for this school year.  It starts with the announcement of elections during chapel…from there it is off to2014 VPthe races.  First, the pools must be narrowed to 2 candidates for each of the 5 positions.  This happens after the job description and duties are read to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  The students must decide if they want to run and if elected, can they fulfill all of the duties and grade requirements throughout the year.  Once the nomination ballots are complete, the students narrow the field to the top two.  The candidates must now choose a publicity officer to 2014 Secretarymake their poster and a campaign manager to introduce them before their speeches in chapel.  The posters are made first and as they wrap up, the speech writing begins!  The lower school candidates get a real boost when the upper school students in Mr. Jarrett’s class come to help organize and streamline the candidate’s thoughts.  When the papers are written and parents have been notified, the waiting for 2pm begins.  When that time finally arrives, students in grade 1-6 gather in the chapel to hear the introductions and the goals of each student, trying to win the hearts and votes of the lower school.  It takes about 30 minutes to hear all of the awesome campaigns, then it is back to the classroom so the students can vote and the teachers can tally.  Now the REAL waiting begins.  The newest Student Council cabinet will be announced tomorrow in chapel…good luck to all of the  candidates and their partners.  They did great today!

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