Real Life Experiences

I am such a strong believer of learning through experience. Recently, I have started my own Fort Worth t-shirt business. Throughout the months and months of preparation I have learned SO much about dealing with people (the difficult ones and the easy ones), managing money and inventory, marketing techniques, and other important business practices. It is amazing how much I have gained by putting myself out there and starting this clothing line. My friend and I originally threw around some design ideas in the summer, just playing around with some ways to make money. We let the idea go for a while, but 2 months ago we decided we might as well go through with it. What’s to lose right? Well, money is to lose… but we didn’t think about that part too much. We launched our site 3 weeks ago and we are amazed by how much support and business we have gotten. The biggest eye opener for me throughout this experience is the power of social media. It’s incredible how fast word goes around through Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram. We had our business up on those sites with a great amount of followers several weeks before it even launched! I didn’t expect anything like that to happen. The easy part, of course, is getting business and selling the shirts. However, that comes with a lot of difficulty too. Right now I’m currently in the process of reordering shirts and it is a lot harder than I thought. I can’t order too much but I need to order enough and it’s hard to find a balance. You never know how much you might sell or if you may end up needing more the next week. I’ve definitely learned that this business comes with a lot of risk… Nonetheless I am so happy I decided to start up the clothing line and it really will be fun watching it (hopefully) grow. It combines everything I love to do so I enjoy it in the process!

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