When asked about my favorite thing about All Saints’, I’ve always brought up the teachers and how they feel like family to all of the students. I also often compliment them for always being there to help, and actually WANTING to help you, not doing it just because they have to. Of course, I noticed this everyday and everyone agreed with me about how great the teachers were, however, the third quarter of this year made them stand out even more. For some reason, I happened to get sick about 5 different times throughout these 9 weeks. Even though I didn’t want to, it caused me to miss a lot of school, which means A LOT of make up work. (which is the worst because you have to keep up with the current work along with it). All of my little health issues added on a lot of stress and I eventually saw my grades drop below my usual averages, which stressed me out even more. I had to work harder than usual to keep up with school and there’s no way I could’ve come out of the third quarter with good grades without the help of my teachers along the way. They were very understanding when I couldn’t get a project done on time, or needed some extra explaining on a topic. They were there for me every step of the way and were always pushing me to make good grades because they wanted me to succeed in the class. As happy as I am to have third quarter behind me, I am so thankful for every single one of my teachers and everything they did for me to help me get to where I am. My grades are very important to me, especially during my junior year, and I could go on spring break a lot happier knowing that they were in a good place!

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