Ron Washington’s Resignation

The Texas Rangers have had what many would call a disappointing season. They were predicted to win the World Series this year, but now they find themselves with the worst record in baseball. The team has received many set-backs to their roster and their front office but the most significant set-back came September 5th when Manager Ron Washington resigned. It took many by surprise since Washington has been with the Rangers since 2007 and led them to the 2011 and 2012 World Series. The reason that Washington gave for the resignation was because of personal problems. Washington’s absence has left an impression on the team and they find themselves with a 7-5 record since. Tim Bogar is the current manager of the team and has done well with the limited roster. Texas Rangers fans will never forget what Washington has done for their team. The long season has taken a toll on the team and they have set a league record for most players used in a season. Things don’t look good for this squad of Texas Rangers but that won’t stop them from playing to their full potential.

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