5th grade’s Living History Museum Week

Wow…what an amazing journey through American History! In the span of a week, the sets went up, the costumes perfected, lines practiced, visitors were dazzled and then it was all brought down, organized and repacked for next year. It was an awesome week for the Living History Museum. While it looked like magic, the 5th graders began their LHM projects back in December by finding their first books about their historical character. Over the break, they read and researched to find the 20 most interesting facts they could. As soon as school resumed, they jumped into their very first research paper. They wrote and edited for over a month to turn in that rough draft! With other items on their list, they made beautiful backdrops, designed unique timelines, wrote scripts with their partners, then practiced, practiced, practiced. With loving and patient partners, parents and peers, the scripts were tightened up to 3-5 minutes, memorized and practiced so that movement and eye contact would be fluid. After several weeks of all of this work, the time came, the doors to the museum were opened, and the performances were awe-inspiring! From Explorer Way to the Boulevard of American Dreams, from Texas Trails across Presidents’ Circle to Pioneer Parkway, the characters that have shaped our country came to life. I think the most inspiring part of the entire process was watching these students who were incredibly wary of the thought of writing a “research paper” and having to “memorize all of those lines” not only complete those tasks, but know that they had done each of them well. I am sad to see the project come to an end, but the close of such an adventure opens the doors for these amazing kiddos to their next step, hopefully with a little more confidence and the wonderful memories of all they have accomplished! Thank you to all for your assistance, support, and time.

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