Opinion 1: A Question You Never Want to Ask Yourself

“What house should I buy? Should I have children? Can I afford a new car?” are all questions being asked in a new marriage. The one question you will not expect to ask yourself is “How will I die with dignity at the age of 29?” This is the question facing Brittany Maynard, a young woman who is just beginning a life with her husband, now has to decide when that life will end. Brittany was faced with a very rare and fatal case of brain cancer, and her life expectancy is six months. Brittany’s choice is to not have to endure six months of pain and agony. However, only three states in America have legislation that supports assisted suicide. Not only was Brittany facing the most difficult question of her life, she would have to face it out of her home state. When faced with this kind of tragedy, shouldn’t we all have the right to make our own decisions? In 47 states, you can’t even decide your own life. There is nothing easy about the challenge that Brittany faces. I feel certain that most will have a very strong opinion of this, but I believe this decision should be left to the individual, not a law made by people who aren’t faced with this awful predicament. Not only do I feel sad for her, but I pray for Brittany. I thank her for thinking of others. Brittany has said she is not doing it for herself, but for others in the future who choose to end their life without suffering. I respect Brittany for her strength and courage.

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