All Saints’ vs. St. Pius


(Jermaine Rucker and Grayson Mann celebrate a touchdown)

For the second year in a row, All Saints’ opened their 2015 football season with a devastating loss against St. Pius. All Saints’, led by senior captains: Luke Anthony, Michael Williams, Anthony Salazar, Logan Cowan, Isaiah Harris, and Turner Corbett, put up 46 points in the 47- 46 loss to St. Pius. Senior quarterback, Luke Anthony, in his first All Saints’ varsity football start, had 306 passing yards, 4 total TD’s, and one INT in the loss.

The game was a shootout from the beginning, St. Pius scoring first and All Saints’ firing back. Brendan Harmon, Saints’ sophomore, had a great night with 6 catches for over 100 yards and a touchdown. Going into halftime only down by four All Saints’ head coach, Aaron Beck, brought the team in the locker room and said, “This is an all new ball game! Let’s go out there and keep fighting until the game is completely over!”

Both teams came back out after halftime and it was the same story, a shootout. The Saints’ gained their first lead of the game going into the fourth quarter, and maintaining that lead for quite sometime… until St. Pius scored, with 44 seconds in the game, making the score 47- 46.

After 4 failed attempts at a hail mary from Luke Anthony, the ball was turned over to St. Pius with four seconds left  in the game. That was just enough time for a kneel to seal the game. After the devastating loss, Coach Beck pulled the team together on the field and told them it was a well fought game, and non-conference games aren’t meant to be easy for such a talented team like the Saints.

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