Animal Shelters: Why Should I Care?

When walking into shelters, all people see is the longing, sad look of the animal’s faces behind the cage doors. A lot of these animals will get adopted, but the rest will get euthanized; however, Euthanization is something  many people are trying to stop. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Every year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized. There are many animal rights activists who believe it is wrong for  shelters to put animals down after a certain amount of time in the shelter.

The ASPCA and other organizations like it are called no-kill-advocates, and they believe that these animals should get the longest chance possible to get adopted.

With 7.6 million animals entering animal shelters nationwide every year, the problem keeps growing. If  shelters got more attention, there would be no need for euthanasia. The animal shelters do as much as they can to help animals in need, but they still need help to keep the facilities in good condition.  To help this situation, millions of volunteers go to shelters all over the world to help clean the animal cages, the animals, and the shelters in general, as well as to make the shelters look presentable to those coming in to look for a new member of the family. The Humane Society says that it is important to get involved in the solution to making the world more humane for all living creatures. By volunteering, it is helping spread the word about the animals in need. It is believed that if the shelters gain more attention, the number of animals being put down will decrease, and the overall condition of the shelters will increase. Clementines%20behind%20bars%20R%20Olson

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