ASES National Signing Day 2015

The day student athletes dream of is finally here, National Signing Day! Today, 6 amazing All Saints’ seniors officially committed to colleges all around the United States.  By 8 a.m. the commons were filled with anxious students awaiting Coach Beck to take the podium and begin the presentation.


Tasha Glaub

Coach Beck kicked off the morning by “gettin’ right to it” with Tasha Glaub. Glaub is off to Pennsylvania in the fall to play basketball for Thiel College. The power forward/center is the captain of the varsity girls team this year, and in prep for her college experience she has posted the highest points throughout the season. Glaub’s club coach says she came to him with pure “raw potential” and now is one of his “most hardworking players.”


Brianna Wallace

The second LadySaint of the day to sign was Miss Brianna Wallace. Wallace is headed off to Seton Hall University, and it is very obvious Seton Hall wants her. During Coach Beck’s introduction, he highlighted the fact that last night Seton “upped the ante” to insure Wallace would commit to their school. All Saints’ coach, Coach Dautlick, sang praise for Wallace because of her “good heart” and “positive attitude.”


Max Vrana

Now, back to basketball with Max Vrana. Vrana made his commitment official today by signing with Hendrix College. A few years back he made the move from Houston to All Saints’. Vrana has put in the “time, effort, [and] energy” these last 3 letterman seasons and met all the challenges Coach Adams put in front of him. Coach highlighted that this year has been a “transition year” for the basketball program and jokingly said he’s done his best to “not screw up all of his (Max) hard work.” Vrana has many honors, including two All-SPC recognitions, under his belt and they just go to show he is ready to take on the next level.


Josiah Klingenberg

Sitting to Coach Beck’s right were three solid football athletes, one was Josiah Klingenberg or “Jo-Jo”. Klingenberg received numerous offers; however, he eventually made the decision to sign with the U. S. Air Force Academy. This marks All Saints’ “first service academy commit” on Coach Beck’s watch. Klingenberg’s decision “speaks volumes not only for him, but for our (All Saints) community and his family.” (Coach Beck)


Jonathan Song

Jonathan Song or “John-O” has been a lifetime Saint and managed to start on varsity as a freshman. Song, the “unbelievable leader,” made it official today by signing with Texas Christian University. The All-Texas 1st Team Kicker/Punter was captain during his senior season and someone All Saints learned to rely on. When the Saints would “get near the 40-yard line” Coach Beck knew “they’d have a chance to kick a field goal.”


Ryan Suitt

Last, but not least, quarterback Ryan Suitt chose to go Ivy by committing to Columbia University. Suitt’s story is unique because he transferred into All Saints not believing he would ever go the Ivy route. As Coach Beck put it, “Ryan thought ivy was something you didn’t touch when you went camping in the woods.” Although Suitt didn’t become a Saint until his senior season, he became a leader quick; there’s no telling what he’s going to be able to accomplish at the collegiate level.

Coach Beck hit the nail on the head when he stated that All Saints “is such a unique place…you can’t define it.” February 4th, 2015 marks just another unique day in All Saints history; it’s the day 6 of our student athletes made the decision to go do big things on a new platform.

Klingenberg, Vrana, Suitt, Coach Beck, S, Song, Glaub (PC: Hannah Brown)

Right to Left:  Klingenberg, Vrana, Suitt, Coach Beck, Wallace, Song, Glaub
(PC: Hannah Brown)

“We hear so much bad [in the world], but I’m telling you today life is good. And if this is our future, I think we’re in good shape.” -Coach Beck

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