Back in the Swing of Things

The 6th Graders got their hands sticky in Mr. Gaul’s class while making amber fossils! Everyone brought a bug or flower into class to fossilize. Some students’ amber fossils exploded! What a gooey mess that was! On the Monday that students got back from Spring Break, Mr. Gaul let all the students tell their Spring Break stories!

In math, Mr. Becker is teaching everyone ratios and rates at 50 mph! The number of students who get it to those who don’t is sixty eight to zero. While making rates, the students had to run 50 yards while being timed. Though she tripped while running and just a step short of setting a record of 8 seconds, Emily still managed to beat out Holden and Kendrick  by TWO seconds, making the girls the winner of the race!

Mrs Gresham is teaching the class about relative pronouns and the literature project. Everyone was broken into book groups on Monday and were given different books to read. I hope everyone has a good book!  On Thursday everyone was typing their personal narratives and revising them using the sentence variety strategies that were shared earlier in the week.

This picture isn’t a relative pronoun, but it was close.

In history class, students have been reading Call of the Wild. Everyone seems to be enjoying it very much. Stories were told on Monday about what everyone did over Spring Break. There were some interesting and hilarious stories! In our book, Age of Extremes, the students have been learning about capitalism and inventions that changed America!

-Jack, Class of 2020


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