For me, it’s all about balance. While standing in a stunt at cheerleading, balance is key. Coming home at 6 o’clock and having to shower, eat dinner, and get all of my work done, balance is key. Getting involved in several extra curricular activities and community service projects, while still taking care of my own body and health, balance is key. In this stage of life, I have to manage a lot of different things, with only so much time. Finding that perfect equilibrium for succeeding in school, in sports, and in other activities outside of school (all while maintaining a social life and good health) is difficult and takes a lot of planning. One of the most important things I’ve learned throughout the years, especially in Middle School, is time management. Getting my work done early and thinking ahead is so important in order to succeed as a student. I’ve also learned to take advantage of every free second I have to get some extra work done in order to make my load lighter later that night. To me, those skills are the most impactful things one can learn; and they can be summed up in one word– balance.

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