Balancing My Schedule

It’s always hard to decide what to do first when it comes to school work and after school activities, but I’ve always found a way to equally balance my schedule. My overall goal is to get school work done before sports or after school activities. School always comes first, right? Well, that usually seems to be the case but sometimes my schedule gets crazy! The best thing to do in this situation is to not to wait until last minute, because for me at least, I never give my best effort. When I have sports later in the day I get my homework done as quickly as possible, so I don’t have to worry about work when I get home. Completing your work earlier in the day makes life less stressful. No one wants to come home worn out and have to do work. Also, a helpful tip is to take your study  halls and breaks in the middle of the day seriously because in that spare time you could be completing assignments. It’s a good feeling just to be able to come home and just relax. We all have had those nights where we’re up until midnight finishing assignments, but sometimes it just happens and we can’t do anything about it. The thing you have to keep in mind when this happens is to always get a good night sleep so your rested and ready for the next day! In conclusion, you should always make sure to watch your schedule and give yourself adequate time to complete everything you have to do.

Lily ’20

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