The Best Thing About Being a Saint

The best thing about being a Saint is that everyone is family here. I love how in the sixth grade everyone gets to interact more, and even though everyone is in separate classes, we get to see each other all the time. Everyone loves the football games. Our cheerleaders are amazing, as well as the drum line. While some lessons are boring, most are made better and more fun by the wonderful teachers. There are many special classes, such as chess, art, Spanish, science lab, music, and technology. Some schools don’t have these classes, but we are lucky enough to go to a school that does provide these classes. I’d have to be crazy to not love the long breaks we get, although I think summer break could be longer. Dressing up in our costumes and walking in the Halloween parade is really fun, especially looking at all the neat costumes . During Christmas time, the Candy Cane Lane can really help you find cheap (but good) gifts for anyone in the family. Singing along to all the Christmas songs with all your friends is just so nice to do. I guess the best part of All Saint’s Episcopal School is that you get to be with your family.

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