Blue Bell is back, but not in North Texas

Blue Bell is back, and better than ever! In April, Blue Bell recalled all of its ice cream, nation wide, after a listeria outbreak. The listeria in Blue Bell’s ice cream resulted in ten reports of illnesses, and three fatal cases. Months passed without Blue Bell in local stores, and the corporation was at a great risk of shutting down.

Worried that this authentic ice cream brand would be shut down forever, Sid Bass, part of the well-known Bass family, announced in July that he was swooping in to save the Blue Bell famine of 2015. He is said to be a big supporter of Blue Bell’s homemade vanilla. Bass decided to become a part of the Blue Bell family by helping the creamery get back on its feet after this downfall.  

Since a fellow North Texan helped bring back Blue Bell, you would think North Texas would be the first to have Blue Bell stocked in local grocery stores. Wrong! Although, Sid Bass was the main contributor to the restoration of the Blue Bell creameries, the North Texas area is not expected to receive any shipments until their second distribution.

Mark your calendars, because the return of Blue Bell’s four most popular flavors, homemade vanilla, dutch chocolate, the great divide, and Cookies n’ cream, are expected to hit North Texas in mid-September.

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