What Can We Do With the 44 Acres?

With 44 acres, we can do a lot of different things. We can build new buildings, or we can rent out the land to other people, allowing us to make money for the school and more. For the kids at school, we can build a fine arts center so we can have more space to practice musicals, plays, and create art. We can also build a bigger gym for the Lower School or Middle School so that we have more space to play indoor games when it’s winter and too cold for us to go outside.  Another way we can use the 44 acres is by letting a company rent it out like a Chick- fil-A or Starbucks for the kids or parents in the morning who didn’t have breakfast or coffee.  With these companies on the acres, we could probably make money for the school and use them for other causes.  There’s probably even more ideas by other people. We can do a lot of things with this amount of land and are looking forward to them. Go Saints!

Alicia, Class of 2020

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