Chaos in College Football

The expansion for the first-ever four team college football playoff has many excited but not everyone is so pleased about the four teams chosen. On Sunday December 7th, the College Football Playoff Committee decided that #1 Alabama will battle #4 Ohio State in the All State Sugar Bowl and #2 Oregon will face off against #3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl. Both games will be played on January 1st and the winner of each game will advance to National Championship Game on January 12th. Most of the controversy is over why Ohio State was ranked #4 and #5 Baylor and #6 TCU (who was previously ranked #3 before the final rankings) were not able to be in the playoffs. All three of the teams had one loss and it wasn’t clear who the winner of the last playoff spot would be. Jeff Long who represents the playoff committee said that Ohio State earned a playoff spot by winning their Conference Championship Game which is something neither Baylor nor TCU participated in because their conference doesn’t have a Championship Game. The committee’s job was to choose the four best teams and although many College fans don’t think they chose correctly, many sports analysis think these are truly the four best college football teams in the country. No matter who is right or wrong, one thing is for sure, the College Football Playoff Games are going to be can’t miss games.

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