Class Day–Seniors

Each quarter this year, I am going to spend one entire day with our students in the classroom.  On Thursday, I attended class with our seniors. Being able to see our students and teachers in action during this type of “deep dive” observation was a blast and I want to share some highlights of the day with you!

First period: AP Government–Exam! Wow–rough start. Our students had an exam today on the US Constitution. It included naming the articles, the amendments, and the origin of judicial review. Talk about flashbacks from law school! Everyone seemed prepared and ready to go. If you have a senior, ask them how they did. Mrs. Baldwin made sure to answer lots of last minute questions before handing out the exams. I was also excited to hear about some upcoming events. For example, the students will take a field trip to hear Larry Sabado speak. Dr. Sabado is the author of their textbook and is a very engaging speaker.

Second Period: AP English IV. Today, the students were working through poetry. After studying some of the work of Emily Dickinson, the students drafted short poems about hope. I wish you could have heard your student’s work–it was really impressive. Mrs. Crossley is such a talented writing coach. Watching the students craft and share their own poetry aloud shows her ability to create a safe and encouraging classroom environment.

Holy Eucharist: This is one of my favorite times of the week. As it is Episcopal Schools Celebration Week across the country, Mother Benko reflected upon how we are called to be a welcoming school following the life of Christ. Our choirs also performed–amazing as always. What a blessing it is to be able to worship Christ during the school day.

Lunch: Yum–Jerk Seasoned Pork Tenderloin with steamed veggies.  I also tried a slice of the Hawaiian pizza. Everyday, I am the last person to go through the line and I am happy to report that there is always a selection of tasty options. I am hearing lots of positive comments about the food from our students.

Third Period: College Advising. Our seniors are working hard on their essays and application materials. Some acceptance letters are starting to roll in–earlier than usual (including one from Texas A&M and one from Auburn). While I visited with the students, two things were highlighted: thank you for having a dedicated College Advising class and we LOVE our advisors. These program elements help students navigate the admissions process. Ms. Kornman and Mr. Willis are the best!

Fourth Period: Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. Mr. Worden led a spirited discussion on tendons–yes, tendons and it was, in fact, spirited. Mucous membranes were also discussed–yuck. As he reminds the students, though, “Uh. This IS Anatomy and Physiology class.”

As I finished the day, I was humbled by the gifts and talents of our kids coming together with the gifts and talents of our faculty. Some amazing work gets done in our classrooms each and every day.

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe weekend!




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