College Road Trips!

College road trips, here we come! As the 2014-2015 school year wraps up, students begin to get excited for their exciting summer plans. Relaxing vacations on the beach, adventurous explorations in the mountains and of course College Road Trips! Many high school students take the opportunity during their summer to begin looking into colleges that might be of some interest to them and plan to go visit a list of colleges on a college road trip. As I start to inch towards my Senior year, this summer is the most crucial time in deciding exactly which colleges I want to apply to. Visiting different colleges is a great way to figure out which college will be the best fit for you.


A lot of times high school students think that they are set on a certain college because other members of their family have attended school there or whatever else they might have in mind. However, when they begin looking at other schools, they find out that the college they have been set to go to all their life might not be the best fit for them after all. College visits not only, give you a good representation of the plans they have for you academically, but also the general feel for the campus itself.

As this school year comes to an end, I encourage everyone to take any free time they might have this summer, to take a moment and think about certain aspects you are looking for in a college. Maybe you want a college with a certain major, or you have a specific place that you would like to live in for a few years. Whatever the criteria might be for you picking a college, research different colleges and make an effort to visit them during your relaxing summer!

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