Dance Company: Setting the barre high

All Saints’ Dance Company is setting the barre high for this year’s dance recital. Everything from classic ballet to jazz, contemporary to lyrical and even a little clogging are in this fall’s ballet recital on November 4.

A dance recital is very important to a dancer because it is the one time that they get to showcase the hard work that they have put into their dance routines and show their full potential up on the stage. The Dance Company has been hard at work every day after school practicing and choreographing dances.  

This year’s Dance Company is made up of twelve dancers spanning from freshmen to seniors. The dancers range not only in age, but also experience. Several dancers in the Dance Company have never danced before and are experiencing their first taste of what dance is all about. Some, though, have been dancing since they were little, like senior Ashley Barham. She is not only in the Dance Company at All Saints’ but has been dancing at Dian West Dance Studio since she was three years old. image1

“I have a lot of battle scars from dance,” said Ashley Barham, “It is a lot harder than people think because you are using your whole body all the time and you have to constantly be engaged.”

Dance teachers, Maria Ballogh and Elise LaValle, are the backbone of the Dance Company. They choreograph the dances and help each dancer individually perfect the dance. Senior dance captain, Sarah Boone, had the opportunity to choreograph one of the dances that will be performed at the dance recital this fall.

All Saints’ Dance Company was recognized for their outstanding performance at ISAS last spring and asked to perform at the University of North Texas 2016. Come enjoy a night of ballet on November 4 at 7 O’Clock in McNair Theater.

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