Different zip codes don’t matter

Changing schools can be difficult, but can you imagine changing your country too? All Saints’ exchange students add different ideas and support to different areas, for instance, working with the football team or competing in art competitions.

“We have a new student this year that is working with the football team; it’s so exciting and our exchange program gets better every year.”

– Mr. LaPointe

Some people get scared when change must occur, but others welcome it. Most people who have lived in Texas, or even the USA, for their entire lives have grown comfortable to a certain way of thinking. But, when someone who is completely new comes into our society, we have to make the choice of the mindset we want to live with.

All Saints’ has welcomed the change extremely well, in talking with Brinkley Keetch mentioned that

“All Saints’ has done the best job they can welcoming them even though it can be challenging mixing to completely different cultures.”

But, it isn’t unheard of to see an exchange student sitting alone and no one is jumping at the chance to talk with them. Kaitlyn Klvac said,

“I  think we could do better on welcoming them in, we don’t invite them into our groups or have them hang out with anyone other than other exchange students.”

One thing that is very apparent is that there is not much of a blend when it comes to athletics. Have you ever been on a team with an exchange student? Even though the involvement in sports is not as present, the exchange program is still making it’s mark on our School.

“The popular sports in China are different then they are here, for instance Ping Pong is very popular, so keep your eyes open for a new Ping Pong club forming”

– Mr. LaPointe

It is very apparent to see the cultural divide in some instances, but in others it is almost impossible to see. Hopefully as you can see through this article the Foreign Exchange student program is changing the school in positive ways only!

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