Dinner at Dish

Looking for a great date night dinner in Dallas/Fort Worth? Dish restaurant in Cedar Springs is the perfect destination. Winner of the 2014 OpenTable Diners’ Choice award, Dish is a light, vibrant restaurant fit for any occasion.

Dish opened it’s doors to the public in 2009 and was an instant hit to the food critics of the very critical city of Dallas. The restaurant features a spread out table arrangement, with room spread between each table.A long bar in the front of the dining room sits restaurateurs at the perfect angle to catch the news, or the football game on the large television in front of them. If you want to see who is cooking and what is being made, there is an open kitchen window for viewing exactly how your meal is being prepared. Dish offers many eye pleasing and wonderful features. The restaurant is a perfect destination year round, there is patio seating on the side of the building, and for cold winter days there is a screen to separate diners from the cold.

As you walk through the tall front doors, you are greeted immediately by a hostess, waitress, or occasionally the owner. When they are showing you to your table, you are met with dim lighting, colored backlights, and a chic decor in the dining room. One architect on the building of the restaurant, Gary Hamilton, said “It was a challenge to plan this interior because we were faced with a unique shape of dining room, but when we finished building, it was exactly what we planned it to be.” The next section your eyes are drawn to is the long, white bar in the front of the dining room.

The menu offers a steakhouse feel with steaks, salads, and wines to accommodate what you’re looking for in your dinner experience. Any item you look at on the menu is a descriptive taste of what you’re going to see on any plate you order.

The menu features meat and fish items in addition to salad choices and light starters such as flat bread pizza. You can expect your steaks to be cooked medium-rare with a touch of pink in the middle, but you can request any sear you please. My menu choice was the boneless beef short ribs and these by far were the best short ribs I have had. Lots of taste, very tender, and easy to eat. They were on the plate with a side of creamy mashed potatoes and homemade slaw. The portions are big enough for a take out box also.

On their website, www.dish-dallas.com, you can schedule a private party in one of their private rooms that holds up to 15 people.

Dish has many parking options outside it’s lot including a parking garage across the street, valet for low price, and a parking lot steps away from the wide front doors.

The overall rating on TripAdvisor Dallas is a 4.5 star out of 5 and many excellent reviews. Many other critic sites such as Yelp, Zomato, and OpenTable have rated Dish as a 4 star restaurant.


My overall review for Dish restaurant is a perfect dinner destination in Dallas, casual or formal. You can expect an excellent meal that fits any price range, and you will always leave with a full stomach and an urge to go back soon.

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