It often is the case I feel I have more bounce in my step, more energy on Fridays.  Why?  Perhaps it’s because Lower School faculty are invited to wear blue jeans and sneakers that day each week.  But this past Friday was different…Morning Prayer was extra fun for me.

Maybe it was the choir who energized me.  Those 4th grade students from Mrs. Carroll’s class were wonderful!  I had goose-bumps all through the last half of “What the Lord Has Done in Me”—so I just had to compliment them on the spot.  It was a God-Moment!

Then it was time for the homily.  The scripture lesson was from Matthew 11:1-6 where Jesus is telling the disciples of John the Baptist to go tell John what they see and hear Jesus doing: giving sight to the blind, healing the lame to walk, curing the sick, opening the ears of the deaf, raising the dead, preaching Good News to the poor.  Then he adds, “How happy are those who have no doubts about me.”  Yes, there should be no doubt he’s the one John had proclaimed was coming from God.

Then out came Fr. Mel’s bag, giving me a golden opportunity to brag on my college football team and have some fun with some of my favorite celebrities:

  • a Florida State Seminole garden flag = no doubt one of the best football teams in the country
  • a photo of Steve Martin = no doubt a prime example of someone whose hair goes gray with age
  • a photo of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty = no doubt a bunch of guys who all need a haircut and beard trim

What’s the connection with the lesson?  Let there be no doubt.  Jesus exhorts us all to share the Good News that he is no doubt the one sent by God to share God’s love and forgiveness.  Happy are they who have no doubt.


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