Dream Vision Theme Park

Do you love resorts, destinations, and theme parks? If you do you, you will love Dream Vision Soundscape. The $3.5 billion park will be a destination, resort, and theme park all in one! This massive jungle gym will be built on 5,000 acres of land that has yet to be released,and consists of mountains, roller coaster rides, and beautiful hotels. Wow! It combines everything necessary for an amazing vacation.

Lucky for us, this global development operation will be emanating in Fort Worth Texas leaving over 20,000 jobs for local Texans! Not only will this be a remarkable place to go, but will put Fort Wroth on the map! But who will create this multi-million corporation? The answer is the Dream Team, and elite group of visionaries that have sculpted the ideal vacation get awaydream-vision

Though Dream Vision has not released much information pertaining to the layout of the park, we know the Dream Team created Dream Mountain. This portion of the park involves golf courses, water parks, concert venues, and much more!

The financial partner of Dream Vision, Bryan Robinson, stated the groundbreaking would be “in the upcoming months and the park will be completed in 2019”, so grab your swim suit and luggage because this astounding land mark will be coming soon!

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