Motivation is defined as the desire to do, or the drive to do. I am driven by many things in my life. Perhaps my main thing that motivates me is myself. I set high standards for myself, and I push myself to be the best that I can be. My self-motivation is enormous. I am always thinking of ways I could have done better on that test, or studied more for that quiz, or ran a different way on that run. I am also motivated by success. I want to try my best and be successful in all that I do. So if I do well on a test, I want to do just well or better on the next test. However, I am not the only thing that motivates me. I am motivated by those who I am close to, chiefly, my family and friends. My parents and my brother have always motivated me. My whole family has been quite successful, so my family’s success motivates me to be as successful, if not more successful than they were. My family also pushes me and motivates me in everything I do with their support. Finally, my friends motivate me with competition amongst ourselves, and they push me and encourage me to always do better.

-Trent ’18

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