Why English Is Important

I like English class the best because we get to do a lot of fun activities.  We get to do a lot of fun projects that help us learn more about proper grammar and correct pronunciations.  We make a lot of mistakes when we speak, and unfortunately, we don’t have a spell check on our mouths or  auto correct in our brains.  English helps us understand spelling rules and teaches us about grammatically difficult phrases and examples and what we would do in those situations.  It’s too bad that we don’t have that scraggly red line underneath our mistakes, but English shows us how to make our sentences accurate without having to think very hard about it.  We just learn simple rules and memorize them so that when we mess up, we can catch on quickly and exact our errors.  We use math everyday, true, but we use English everyday, too!  It’s a LANGUAGE; it’s how we communicate!  We write in English, speak English, read English, and use it in many other ways.  Does anyone recall WORD problems?  There’s a key word in that!  We use English in math, science, and history.  In order to learn history, you must READ books and records written in English!  In science, you must make theories and algorithms and terms in English (even if it’s a bit of complicated mumbo-jumbo).  In conclusion, English must be used daily and regularly, so it’s very important to learn.

 Sarah ’20

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