Exploring Your Interests

In my opinion, middle school is the best time to explore your interests. I’ve figured out several things I like and dislike. For example, three sports are required in middle school and many people end up playing a sport they have never played before. The new sports I tried were cheer and field hockey. It was a lot of fun to learn new things and be part of a team. Being part of a team forms an unbreakable bond. I had already played basketball and softball before, but middle school really made me love them even more. Middle school also has many clubs you can participate in. For example, I learned I really like being a leader. I am the President of National Junior Honor Society and Vice President of Student Council. This year I also joined the debate club. I was really surprised at how much I like it! Though it can be tough to come to school early every morning, it’s really worth it when you win. I also tried Future Problem Solvers but, it just wasn’t for me. Some of my friends like it though. Everyone’s different. Whether you’re in middle school or about to be, I highly advise you to try something you’ve never tried before. Step outside of your comfort zone. You never know what you’ll find.

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