Football favoritism in All Saints’?

The opinions expressed below are those of the individual student quoted, not The Modern Saint. 

When you think about your Friday nights, what do you think about? For most people during this season the answer is football. But, is that a good thing? Is football the only sport that seems to be able to bring people together? It is safe to say that most people feel the same way when they are asked, “Which sport at All Saints’ is the most popular?”

“Other sports definitely aren’t focused on as much, and they don’t get the same opportunities, as football does,”  said Sam Selman ’18.

Is All Saints’ going overboard or are we right in line with other schools in our area?

“I think it mirrors college programming,” said Mr. Worden, US Dean of Students.

In an interview with students from Paschal (Student A), Fort Worth Country Day (Student B), and Southwest Christian School (Student C) they were asked several questions and here are their answers:

In your opinion is football favored over every other sport?

A: Yes.

B: Definitely.

C: Yes.

Do you think your school favors football more than other schools?

A: Football is favored at Paschal even though they [stink], but I think that all schools seem to favor the sport in the same ways.

B: Yes football gets favored over other sports by the coaches and staff at FWCD. They always give football players special treatment over other sports because the athletic director is also the head football coach. I think all other high schools in Fort Worth favor football too, like not giving the other sports programs as much money.

C: Well my football team [stinks] so it is not favored as much as bigger schools, but it is still favored over any other sport at SCS. Our football team has a huge locker room and brand new showers. The baseball team’s locker room is super small and has no air conditioning. The girls share a locker room with middle school and all other women’s sports.

Even though football, in most cases, is favored over other sports, do you still like going to the games every Friday night? If so, why?

A: Ehh, I do because everyone goes and I don’t want to miss out, but I’m still a little bitter.

B: Yes going to the football games every week is one of the most fun things at FWCD. I like going to the games because it’s fun to cheer on the sidelines / perform during half times and to bring the whole school together to cheer for our boys!

C: I am okay with football’s favoritism because it’s the most fun event to go to every week and the more favoritism to them the more fun the game will be.

It is very clear to see that people from other schools feel the same way about football favoritism, and at All Saints’ it is very evident as well. Two All Saints’ students share their thoughts about All Saints’ athletics:

“At others schools all the coaching staff respects all athletes, but at All Saints’ the football team is deemed more important than any other sport,” said Jessica McCasland ’17.

“It bothers me because other sports would excel if they were given the same chances as football,” said Zoe Titus ’18.

All in all, football is favored, that is for sure. All sports should be held to the same standards, but football is undoubtedly the sport that brings the most people together, at least for now. Looking at field hockey, volleyball, or track it is clear to see that the amount of fans in the stands is most definitely less than the amount at football games. Working with other students to make posters and banners for other sports is easy and fun and you never know, maybe you will fall in love with a new sport.


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