Football’s Over?

The football season ended well in the middle school.  The 8th grade lost nary a game and the 7th did well also.  Halloween costumes were terrific.  I have no idea why all those boys dressed up like ZZ Top.  Oh, duck dynasty?  What’s that?  At this very moment, students are bringing in all the makings for Thanksgiving dinners for needy families.  Each advisory brings money for five turkeys and the whole dinner from soup to nuts, or at least from sweet potatoes to stuffing.  (My advisory brought in the whole menu the day after it was assigned.  My goal was to beat Mrs. Maly.  Mission accomplished.  Way to go, girls.)  The 8th grade will be tripping off to D.C. right after Thanksgiving break, so we are rushing to cram as much learning into as short a time as possible!   Not much time left!!

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