One of the best feelings in the world is having friends. I know I love spending time with mine. Friends can make you feel loved and happy. Sometimes, you develop a bond with them that’s so strong, its like they’re your family. Wouldn’t it be really sad if you didn’t have any? One of the things I like about All Saints’ is that everyone knows how to be a good friend, even to those they aren’t super close to. Many times at lunch I’ve seen someone sitting and eating by themselves, only to have people from a different table get up to join them. It makes people feel good to know that someone cares about them. Some of the friends you have today are going to be your friends forever. Whether you go to dinner with them every week when you’re older or you just catch up with them from time to time, you will have some of these people forever. That’s why its important that you don’t lose them. Sometimes silly arguments can ruin a friendship. Sometimes in order to keep a friend, you have to make sacrifices. It may be controlling your anger if they do something that makes you mad or even just being their shoulder to cry on. Always remember how important your friends are and how sad you would be without them. “Sometimes life is hard to bear when a friend is just not there.” -Unknown

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