Governors Elections 2014

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, polls will be open at 7 am for elections of governor. Because I am not yet eighteen, I have been doing my best in keeping up with the Texas candidates in hopes of having an idea of why I would want to vote for someone the following year. Thanks to social media, and many other publicities, staying alerted on any news on these candidates has been quite easy. Have you noticed the commercials for Texas governor playing on your tv for the past few months? I have, and as annoying as it is to see these ads every commercial break, I sometimes stop and listen to see if it persuades me towards that candidates campaign. Recently, I saw one for Wendy Davis that portrayed a wheelchair as a reference to her opponent Greg Abbot’s disability. Luckily I was aware of the fact that Abbott had been paralyzed and better understood the meaning of the commercial. I was also aware of the fame Davis had recently received about her stand on abortion and her popularity amongst women and democrats. However, I immediately felt that the commercial was inappropriate and was wrong to attack someone’s personal disability.  Yes, politics are ruthless when it comes to competition, but many people, including myself, view candidates who perform actions such as this as a figure they would not want to vote for because of the offensive attacks made towards the opponent. Although I will not be a participant in the upcoming elections, I would definitely lean towards a candidate such as Greg Abbott whose optimism and passion for his campaign are quite unlike the attention-seeking tactics of Davis and will bring many beneficiaries to the state of Texas. After all, the purpose of the election for state governor is to choose a candidate who will represent that state and be of benefit to that state.

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