Grant Lichtman: Honors College Scholar

‘All Day at All Saints’ is a special day throughout the entire school. The Tad Bird Honors College got a real special treat though because they got to meet the author of the book the class is based off of. His name is Grant Lichtman.

I sat in on the class briefly to just get a feel for Mr. Lichtman and to see how he conducts a seminar. To sum it up, I’d say it was high-octane and engaging. The freshman Honors College students did a timed activity. They had three minutes to come up with and jot down as many answers to the question, “How might we enhance the learning experience at All Saints’?” Tons of varied ideas were brought to the surface. Good ideas might I add. The essence of the activity was to engage in rapid-fire thinking and innovating.

Our school was very lucky to have a high profile author like Mr. Lichtman present at our All Day at All Saints’ open house. He drew a crowd to a small class and changed the way that the students that heard him speak think for the better. Mr. Lichtman set them out to do a task that they accomplished with out them even knowing.

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