Greetings from Barker College!


After about 30 total hours in transit, the All Saints’ team arrived in Sydney.  Two members of our graduating class (Abby and Lee) are participating in our annual exchange with our partner school in Sydney: Barker College. Abby and Lee were immediately taken to the Plume Store (their version of The 51) to be outfitted wiith Barker College uniforms.  Afterwards, they were introduced to their tutors (think: faculty advisor) and their student hosts.  Currently, they are finishing up their first day of classes.

I was invited to lunch with the new Head of School (Phillip Heath) and a group of 9th graders to hear how the start of the year was going.  Remember, their calendar is reversed from ours so they are finishing up the first quarter of the new year. The conversation was lively.  Everyone is quite pleased with how the year is progressing.

One of the questions Mr. Heath asked the students was, “What do you think is the silliest rule at Barker?”  The result was a great conversation and an opportunity for the adults to see school life from the perspective of the student.  Some of the “silly rules” were actually in place to keep the campus safe.  Some of the “silly rules” were in place as a way to recognize the history of the community.  Some of the rules were just silly and probably needed to be amended.  In the end, though, I thought it was a great question and I look forward to asking my students the same question–What do you think is the silliest rule at All Saints’?

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