Happy Halloween from the Lower School

Oh what a treat Halloween is! Watching those normally buttoned-up and tucked-in personalities fade out in favor of their “super identities” is such a wonderful adventure. It does not get any less exciting for the teachers either. Hearing the conversations in the hall – which super hero is your team thinking of; how are you going to make that; does that cape make my tutu look big?!?
Starting the day in the primary commons, having chapel with “SuperFather” Mel officiating and a cowboy riding an ostrich reading the prayers truly sets the tone for the day! What could possibly be as awesome…but the Parade. Sitting in the hallway waiting for the grade before you to parade by so that you can fall in line behind them…almost too much to ask of any student. The parade begins with the adorable 3 and 4 year olds who are somewhat hesitant to walk the gauntlet of “big kids”. With some encouragement and lots of high 5’s the parade begins. They all make the journey throughout the students and parents…then it is on to conquer the rest of the school. The jaunt to middle school is a quick one and the students there are loud and excited to see all the creatures from lower school. Now it is across the lawn to the upper school. Once inside, it is quite the maze…in through the double doors, across the atrium, down the stairs, curve here, dash there, up the stairs and back outside…whew!! What an awesome first adventure to begin, what will surely be, a day of ghostly excitement and surprises!
-Barclay Wilson

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