Homecoming King

On the morning of July 11th, the world of sports was stunned by a letter written to Sports Illustrated by Lebron James. Lebron James ended the letter by saying, “I’m ready to accept the challenge, I’m coming home.” Home for Lebron James is the city of Cleveland, Ohio. This of course means Lebron will be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers once more after being drafted by them in 2003 and leaving them for the Miami Heat in 2010. The announcement has many fans in Cleveland, Ohio excited for this year’s NBA season. It has been a struggling four years without Lebron and his return has given Cleveland a new spark of hope. It’s been over 4 decades since Cleveland has won a championship in pro sports. This has many fans eager for  the Cavaliers to be in contention for the NBA Championship. With the stage set for the King’s return, the first game would be against the New York Knicks on October 30,2014. As a team the Cavaliers played terribly in front of a sellout crowd and lost 95-90. Lebron received tons of criticism and he only scored 17 points in a game he said would be a “can’t miss game.” Lebron has already promised to deliver a championship to Cleveland but he knows how challenging they are accomplish. In Miami, Lebron led the Heat to four consecutive NBA finals and back-to-back NBA championships. With championship-caliber talent and experience, there are many expectations for this Cavaliers team. Las Vegas gives them the best odds to win it all this year. The season hasn’t started out so well but with an 82 game season, anything can happen.

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