Hoverboards: A thing of the future or the past?

Nearly 30 years of longing for the futuristic gadget known as the “hoverboard,” introduced in the popular movie series Back to the Future, became a reality to many in 2015. In May of 2015,  what seemed to be an impossible invention was made a reality. However, the hoverboards of 2015 do not, in fact, hover at all.scoo5j6suvxrin5se6hh.jpg

What is best described as a, “self-balancing two-wheeled board,” exploded in popularity across the globe and was one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. As the holiday season rolled along, hoverboard sales ended in a bang (literally). Once everyone began to break in their new holiday hoverboard, reports of fire-related injuries were reported. In many cases, hoverboards have been overheating and exploding, causing house fires and severe burn injuries. Amazon was forced to recall the hoverboards and announced they would refund any of these purchases after the Customer Product Safety Commission investigated the hoverboard-related fires.

Not only are hoverboards a fire hazard but some states like California and New York, as of January 1, are enforcing laws if you wish to ride them. Laws such as being 16 years or older to ride them, wearing a helmet at all times, and only riding them on roads under the speed limit of 35 mph. Since the hoverboard was a popular gift this holiday season, many kids under 16 are upset to find out that they will not be able to ride on their newest pair of wheels. Some law enforcers have said the penalties for breaking these laws could result in a fine up to $275.

Before you decide to splurge on this futuristic device you might want to take into consideration the defects and upcoming laws that go along with them.

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