How to survive until Spring Break

As soon as school starts back up after Christmas break, the next big thing to look forward to is Spring Break. Now we’ve gone through some grueling weeks of school and homework, and we’re so close! Just one week away. But, how can we survive this last week?

  1. Start a countdown on your phone counting the exact number of minutes and seconds left before Spring Break.
  2. Pack. On Tuesday, and then maybe again on Wednesday, and maybe Thursday…just to be sure.
  3. Go on a last minute shopping spree. Because you never know what you might need!
  4. Cry when you remember you have four tests, three projects and a paper to write this week.1219-0-cry
  5. Use Spring Break at the end of the week as your motivation to persevere and conquer the week.
  6. Get your last minute work outs in before you hit the beach (or other destinations). Working out also is a great distraction!

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