InterTWINed: A Blog by Emma and Riley Weeden

Students Emma and Riley Weeden ’18 are notorious fashionistas that have recently created a blog to express their style, makeup and food interests as twins. Aimed to inspire girls who share the same interest, the blog was released on November first at They created an instagram,  some two weeks prior to releasing it to gain a following towards their blog. The name “InterTWINed” is to show that they are twins that have been inseparable since birth. Being twins has made the girls share many of the same interests, which they have created into a shared blog that shows off their fashionista lifestyle.

“We want to use the blog as an outlet for our love of clothes, food, friends, and thoughts,” explained Emma. “We are so new at this but we are really excited.”

The twins have always wanted to create a blog to share their fashion sense, makeup tricks, and food finds to the people who share the same interests. They have always had an eye for fashion that had spread with age.

“We have always loved fashion. The past few years when we started shopping on our own, we really fell in love with finding pieces and putting them together.” said Emma.

Many of their friends and peers are very excited to see what the twins have in store for the blog. Today the instagram and the blog have a solid following of fashionistas around Texas. The blog will remain a source of inspiration, and for growing closer to one another, as the twins continue to use it in the future. Their hope is to turn the blog into their future.

“Hopefully in the future we will have a fully upgraded website with an amazing community to match,” said Weeden. “We hope to do great things with the blog and eventually earn money from possible sponsors and later make it a job.”

Intertwined is a really unique blog that has an interesting story behind it. On the blog, the reader can learn about the blog, as well as see pictures of outfits and more. Riley and Emma have worked hard to create a space to show their passions to the community, and they have done so in such a great way. The blog has barely been up for two weeks, and it already has a big following and a lot of people talking about it. Intertwined will be the perfect space for girls to learn more about fashion, and to read about some of their fellow community members.

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