Junior Unity Day: Class of 2016

It is the beginning of the end for the Junior Class of 2016. Yesterday, the Junior class gathered as a whole, with family and friends, for Junior Unity Day. This event was very special for Juniors’ because it marked the start to our senior year. We began this special day with a chapel service by Mother Benko and Father Madison who offered blessings, individually to each student. We were told to bring a item that had special significance to us, whether it be some kind of jewelry or whatever else. Each item was blessed as a reminder to stay strong through our senior year. After this service came to an end, we all went to Joe T. Garcia’s for lunch and then a fun day of bowling, laser tag, and much more at Main Event.  FullSizeRender-2

As we begin to wrap up this chapter of our lives, we are reminded that we cannot get wrapped up in the idea of senior year. As a Junior, this year has been crazy busy with the hard work that comes along with Junior year, thinking about college, as well as trying to spend time with friends and family. With Senior year approaching quickly, I was reminded that I need to take a step back and enjoy the last year I have with my classmates. Although a year seems like a long time, it goes by fast. Like my mom always used to tell me, “Time flies by when you’re having fun!”


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