Junior Year Brings Lots of Stress but a Ton of Fun

My junior year has started off with a bang! Even though the homework and stress came almost immediately, I have still had a great year so far. Junior year is a big one, its academically one of the hardest years at All Saints’ and on top of that I have to start thinking about college. Surprisingly, through all of the stress, I’m still managing to have one of the most fun years I’ve had at All Saints’ already. The teachers in every single one of my classes are incredible, after 7 weeks I already consider them my family. We have so much fun in all of my classes, and since I have a heavy course load that is a great relief. So much has already gone on outside of the academic world too. The fall is the best time of the year because I get to cheer at the football games every Friday night. Everyone comes out to watch the games and it is such a fun environment. The year flies by with so much fun going on. We just had our Homecoming game and dance, which was so much fun too. My friends and I get closer and closer every year which makes things like that extra fun! Even though life is busy, I can already tell my junior year is going to stand out amongst the rest.

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