Fort Worth Heavy Hitters: Kendra Scott and Steel City Pops

Fort Worth is thriving! Between Steel City Pops and the Kendra Scott store, it has never been more exciting!

Steel City Pops:

Steel City Pops began as a small store in North Carolina named Las Paletas. While a family was on vacation, they saw the potential in these healthy and all-natural pops, so they opened their own restaurant. With flavors ranging from Maple Bacon to Pineapple Jalapeño, Steel City Pops has expanded across Texas. My favorite pop is cherry sour cream. It is like a licking cheesecake! It is definitely a place worth visiting.

Kendra Scott:

I love her work! It all started when Kendra moved to Austin at the age of nineteen to open a Hat Box store for those who were undergoing chemotherapy. In 2002, her real dream of creating jewelry came true. She now has 800 stores worldwide and has the number one fastest growing company in Austin in the under $10 million category. She is truly inspiring! Being in her store is a unique experience. You can create your own jewelry! Looking at the color bar, you can choose one of 26 colors you like. Next you pick the style you want, and either gold or silver. Fort Worth is adorned in her popular accessories!!

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