Killer Karaoke

There are countless singing competition shows on American television today from American Idol, The Voice, and The Singing Bee. But I’m sure you’ve never seen one quite as outrageous as truTV’s Killer Karaoke.

Killer Karaoke is a perfect combination of Fear Factor and American Idol. The host is Steve-O, star of Jackass, so that should set the stage for crazy things to happen already! The contestants of the show compete against one another by performing hit songs while completing unexpected and terrifying physical tasks.

One contestant was a man who had to sing “You Are So Beautiful” while walking through a small field of cacti with drunk goggles on. He also had balloons attached to his body so they would pop when they touched the cactus and scare him. Towards the end of the song he proceeded to try and grab money off of a “tree”, but what he couldn’t quite see, because of the goggles, was that the tree had snakes all over it. When he touched a “branch” he screamed, as anyone would, but still maintained his very shaky tune. Here’s a link to this challenge!
This show is more so for the viewers than the contestants, and it’s really not about singing at all. Audience members get to choose who wins the challenges until one final person is standing. This finalist gets the grand prize of $10,000. As much fun as karaoke and TV shows are, I think singing in front of the whole world, while enduring horrible things is worth much more than $10,000! The game show is very entertaining… if you don’t mind watching people scream in pain and fright!

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