Learning to steal like an artist: AUSTIN KLEON @ All Saints’


MARTIN COMMONS — Wednesday, September 30, visiting artist and writer Austin Kleon came to give a talk in the Upper School Commons on his creative knowledge, blackout poetry, and his best selling book, Steal Like an Artist. I, along with many of my Honors College cohorts and friends, came with the expectations of listening to a lecture-like presentation on creativity, taking a few notes, and then regurgitating the information that Kleon imparted in the form of reflection pieces or English papers in the following week. After all, we were quite accustomed to talks about creativity, originality, and finding our own genius. However, when Kleon began his talk I found myself completely engaged by his friendly, informal speaking style and his honest approach to the discussion. He began by jumping into his own creative journey, starting with his days as a straight A’s, punk rock loving teenager…



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