Let The Play Begin

After a year of anticipation, the sixth grade teachers finally unveiled this year’s play choice to the Sixth Grade Saints.  Upon learning that they would be performing Twinderella: The Musical, the students were filled with mixed emotions, but once students began to read through the play, they all shared the same feeling- excitement.  The students are excited to act out this fractured fairy tale that is filled with sarcasm and humor.

As an extension of the play, students are composing their own fractured fairy tales.  They started this project in English by listening to the story Seriously, Cinderella is So Annoying, evaluating the elements of a fairy tale, and choosing their own fairy tale to retell.  Now that students have a rough draft of their fractured fairy tale, they are learning how to create a digital storytelling in their technology class.  The fun doesn’t end there either.  In art, students are creating their own illustrations for their stories.  They will learn how to scan these images so that they can include them in their digital storytelling.

Check back here for examples of the finished products, and please stop by to see our play on May 19th or 20th.

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