Letter to freshmen taking finals

Dear freshmen,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… oh wait, not quite yet! Before Christmas break begins, you must get through midterms. Since this will be your first midterm in high school, I have compiled some information that you might find helpful as you tackle the end of your first semester.


First things first, as tempting as it is, do NOT procrastinate studying! Netflix can wait until later, because trust us, your sleep the night before your midterms is way more important than that next episode of Gossip Girl or Friday Night Lights. Also, you do not need all ten pens and pencils that your teachers will tell you to bring, just in case the other nine break! The most you will need is two pencils and a pen, I promise.

“Don’t forget your calculator when you take your math exam! You will regret it,” said DQ McKinney ’17.

When you first enter the gym, it might seem overwhelming seeing row after row of tables with different colored exams covering the tops. It’s okay to stop and ask a teacher or an upper classmen where you might find your test. Trust us, it will be way more awkward when you are the last one standing still trying to find your test. Don’t be that person. If Mr. Arrington is proctoring, be prepared; he will break out his Razor scooter and ride around the gym ready to answer any question you might have. When you are finished taking your test and waiting to be let out, Dr. Pointer always has a seasonal crossword puzzle for you to work.

Midterms can seem scary, especially now that they are more serious than before. Here are a few tips from the senior class that will help you cope with your first midterms. “Trust your gut. Don’t double guess.” said Tayler Weathers ’16, “Oh, and sleep! Get plenty of sleep.” Get a full night’s rest instead of cramming the night before your exam; you will be thankful for that sleep later in the week.tumblr_ngf9m8cDky1svri6ko1_500.jpg

“Midterms and finals matter! Colleges look at these things so do well on them so that you are not stressed out your senior year,” said Hannah Brown ’16. Freshmen year doesn’t seem so serious until you are looking back on it senior year. Remember: Try your hardest because college is closer than it seems.

Good Luck,

Senior Class of 2016

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