Math Motivation

My favorite subject in school has got to be math. I like math because I understand it the most. I think Mr. Becker is a reason also why I like math so much because he shows us examples of the problem in real life situations. I have an “A” in math but I sure have to work hard to keep. He has taught us a new way to organize our notes by dating it and titling it, so now he has added in “Socrative” which is a checking website for our notes. This motivates me to take good notes and organize them. There are some things in math that I completely don’t understand, but I get it most of the time. I think there are areas in math I could improve in. I think that I could improve in study skills and note taking. I really like how we can access The Wire to find homework and websites to help us with our homework. I like our Everyday Math website because I can access the Student Reference Book and there are games that help with certain areas that I need help in. These are some of the reasons I like math so much.

Mitchell ’20

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