Would you consider yourself good at keeping up with everything you have to do? With school, sports, clubs, homework, and more, people tend to be very busy. I, for one, have many things to do during the week. I feel like I do a pretty good job of getting everything done that needs to be done. This year I have been very good at not procrastinating (waiting until the last minute to do something)! I know that is a bad habit that many people have. Since I’ve stopped procrastinating I’ve been way less stressed out, made better grades, and had more free time! I advise you to do that too. I promise you will notice a difference. Start on an assignment as soon as you get them. Do your homework while waiting for your sport’s game so that when you go home you can just relax. If you get a study hall, make sure to spend your time working instead of talking. Make sure you aren’t doing too much. Sometimes too many clubs or extra curricular activities on top of everything else you have to do can make you overwhelmed. Relax when you get a chance. Always make sure you are managing your time and not procrastinating and I PROMISE this will lead you to a lot happier, less stressful life.

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