Mascot Mania – Top 3

Have you heard? The Modern Saint launched a mascot nomination process with students in EC-Grade 12 to gauge the level of interest in a secondary mascot. The tallies are complete and it’s time for the entire community to vote! Students will cast ballots on May 1. Parents, faculty/staff and alumni will receive an email on May 1 with a link to vote.

Don’t fret – We will always be the Saints! These choices are not intended to replace the Saints, but rather to fold an icon into our community culture that can be used on spirit wear, on car decals, and as something tangible for our youngest Saints. In fact, many schools have dual mascots – consider collegiate examples like the A&M Aggies and Reveille, and the Alabama Crimson Tide and Big Al the elephant. *Please note that the graphics above are only examples. 

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