North Korea isn’t just all talk

North Korea and their crazed leader have been a concern for the U.S. since the Vietnam War, and do not plan to stop being so. Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, runs a harsh dictatorship over his people and, for a while, has been in possession of nuclear weapons. Talk of this possession has been spread by the media for some time now, but the other day North Korea showed that they are not all just talk.

Missiles are displayed during a military

North Korea launched three ballistic missiles on September 5, 2016 “without giving any prior navigational warning,” according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). The missiles were shot off its western coast and traveled around 620 miles and landing only 100 miles away from the Japanese coast. However, this is not the first of this sort of behavior from the country. Two weeks ago, Kim Jong-Un ordered his military to shoot a missile from a submarine off North Korea’s eastern coast. The ballistic travelled 300 miles before crashing into the Sea of Japan, again with no prior warning.

Not only has North Korea been conducting missile tests recently, but also nuclear tests. On September 9 2016, North Korean military conducted a nuclear warhead explosive test, which resulted as a success. In 2016, this is their 5th nuclear test, and 12th major nuclear accomplishment.90658703_north_korea_hwanghae_missile_mapv2

A council meeting between Japan, South Korea and the U.S. occurred on September 6, 2016. As a result, the countries made it clear that they would take action on North Korea for these dangerous tests, but did not mention any specific plans. U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power spoke to reporters and said that “the Security Council must remain unequivocal and united in condemnation of these tests and we must take action to enforce the words we put on paper— to enforce our resolutions.”


Do you think these “plans” for condemnation will be enforced? And if so, will North Korea conform to them? Share your thoughts!


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