Out with the old jumpers, and in with the new!

School uniforms have many pros and cons. Some students love that they don’t have to pick out what they will wear every morning, and others hate uniforms because they downplay individuality.

Regardless of how one feels about uniforms, it is becoming apparent that the All Saints’ jumpers need to be updated. The All Saints’ jumper is a clean and simple design, but it poses a problem for some girls. Not only is the jumper only available in youth sizes, causing an inevitable length issue, but as girl’s bodies mature and grow, the jumpers are becoming tighter and tighter in the bust. Many girls are having to leave the jumpers unzipped because of how tight it is on their chest. With the fit and repercussions of the fit, the jumper is no longer dressy enough or appropriate for every day wear, much less for Eucharist. If uniforms are meant to make everyone look similar and polished, then the current jumper misses the mark.

The good news is that All Saints’ has made a serious change to address this issue for the 2017-2018 school year. A new jumper design has been introduced in The 51 already.

“I’m going to buy one,” Samantha Selman ’18 said. “I think the new design is better for older girls because it’s made to fit our bodies.”

The look of the new jumper is similar, but it is cut in such a way that it creates more space for girls to grow.

The 51 still has the old jumpers in stock, but they will only be restocking the new design. Once the old design is sold out, the new jumper style will be the only one available.

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